API6A Choke valves

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Size: 1-13/16" ~ 5-1/8"
Temp: K ~ Y
Pressure: 2000 ~ 15000psi
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The valve is a kind of multistage pressure reduction and high-pressure difference regulating valve and can be applied to control the high temperature, high pressure and high pressure difference as well as the flow and pressure of fluid containing solid particles. It adopts nozzle, labyrinth throttle to form the front and back multistage throttle; the valve spool and valve seat adopt hard and soft seal pairs to separate the sealing face and the throttling face, which has improved the throttling ability and sealing reliability of the valve and has the merits of reliable sealing, low noise, little vibration, throttle and cut-off pressure reduction, portable and flexible on and off, etc. The valve is especially suitable for the throttle and cut-off under high pressure. On the condition of high pressure, it possesses the function of pressure reduction and had a long service life.

◆ Specification

Choke valve meet the requirements of the latest edition of API 6A by replacing the expanding gate with a slab gate.

Material for H2S service in accordance with NACE MR-01-75, latest edition.

Reliable Performance

♦ Forged body & bonnet

♦ Low operation torque

♦ metal-to-metal body/bonnet seal

♦ metal-to-metal back seal seal can be energized regardless of gate position

♦ Lubrication fittings for easy maintenance

♦ Gate guides retain body lubricants and protect gate surface

♦ Manual or actuated operation

♦ Simple design assures low cost

♦ Flanged or screwed outlets

◆ Availability Sizes


2000 psi

3000 psi

5000 psi

10000 psi

15000 psi







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