Petroleum Equipment Network (, one of the authoritative petroleum equipment network trade service platforms. With the most advanced network technology, the best service quality, and a more stable network environment, we will provide better, progressive, and more complete communication platforms for professional and special petroleum equipment, as well as for different enterprises in the petroleum and petrochemical industries at home and abroad.

The Petroleum Equipment Network ( mainly has the following service items:

information centre:
Our information center has a wealth of information resources, and has absolutely authentic and reliable sources of information. It has a wide coverage and spreads all over the world. It provides users with domestic and foreign tools and materials and their market trends in a timely and effective manner.

Breakthrough, we provide users with the latest petroleum equipment, petroleum materials, and petroleum and petrochemical and petroleum technology news information in a timely manner. Petroleum tools and petroleum materials information, industry scientific and technological achievements, and research reports to help enterprises develop various channels of information dissemination, help enterprises and users to effectively capture business opportunities, expand markets, and achieve the global network marketing strategic goals of their products. And petroleum materials and equipment enter the international market, providing professional trade services for foreign funds and advanced technology to enter the Chinese market.

At the same time, the company can also publish its own information to our information center at any time, through our information center platform to do a good publicity for your company, let your company enter the network, to the world, to success!

Of course, through this platform you can also publish your information and get rewards on the platform.

Provide your company with a platform to showcase products, and provide users with an opportunity to understand the product. As a company, you can always recommend the latest products, as well as product display, product release, product retrieval services. As a user, the website provides detailed product classifications. According to the product category search, you can quickly and easily browse to the products you need, so as to choose the products that better suit your needs.

At the same time, users can also publish some supply and demand information on petroleum equipment services.

Enterprise Show:
In order to improve the promotion of enterprises, we will review and recommend well-known enterprises and conduct different forms of display.

An enterprise can independently create a proprietary website through the system and bind it to the company's website for access, which has increased the company's publicity to a certain extent.

And can release the company brand, attract more attention with the power of the brand!

You can post recruitment or job search information for free. We provide enterprises with an information platform for recruiting talents, and provide an opportunity for each of them to show themselves.

Encyclopedia Center:
Provide you with relevant books and scientific and technological literature on petroleum tools. Of course, through this platform you can also publish your knowledge and get platform points rewards.

Exhibition Center:

Provide the latest exhibitions at home and abroad to keep the company informed of market trends.

Advertising Center:
It allows enterprises to choose their own advertising positions and realize online redemption independently. The whole station's advertising space uses website crude oil for redemption. Please refer to the help center for crude oil.